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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two legendary will fight for the belt once more, the other will most likely leave the ufc....

While GSP makes his 6th defense against Jake Shields, two other former champions will duke it out for an epic light heavy weight battle.  Any clue as to which fighters?

Yup, you guessed it.

Captain America vs Ryu from Marvel vs Capcom 2!!!

No, really though, I'm not even lying. Captain America is really fighting Ryu! Except not in a video game, but in REAL LIFE!

Announced officially for UFC 129, you have Randy "The Natural" Couture vs Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida in the main card in Toronto.

This match will be quite interesting, as just weeks prior to the announcement, Randy himself stated that he might just retire unless he gets to fight Lyoto or Shogun.

I know people are writing Randy off early, and I don't blame them; Randy is 47 years old and is not fighting the way he used to. However, if you compare their styles, Randy stands much more of a chance than people think.  Lyoto plays a very good elusive and counter punching game, but Randy employs a lot of dirty boxing and clinchwork.  If Lyoto times his shots correctly, he may knock Randy out the way he put Rashad to sleep, but if Randy can push him up against the fence and just grind and tire him out, Randy just might be able to give Lyoto a brutal beating! No ha-dou-ken's here, son!

Randy has earned two submission wins via rear naked choke in his last 3 outings, but I don't see him submitting Lyoto, who we've yet to see get submitted. Lyoto has been knocked out once, but I don't see Randy being the second man to do that to him either. Randy has got to play smart by avoiding Lyoto's karate while employing his clinch and out wrestling the karateka.

Lyoto on the other hand just has to do what he does best: play it defensively by quick dodging and timing shots perfectly. His game worked perfectly against Remy Sokoudjou, Thiago Silva, and Rahasad Evans, and all 3 were confused and most likely infuriated by Lyoto's unique style. Lyoto is also proficient in the submission game, but even Nogueira couldn't submit Randy, and I don't think The Dragon is going to be the first man to ever submit Captain America. Lyoto might get frustrated himself if he chooses to fight Randy's fight by staying in the clinch or trying to grapple with Randy, so he needs to keep his guard up if he expects to shoryuken Randy's ass to retirement!

But, this is MMA, and you never know what is going to happen. You don't know that Randy is done...hell, Randy doesn't know if he's done, and when everyone thinks he will lose, he just kicks even more ass. And Lyoto just came off two losses in a row, you think he's dumb enough to let this one go to the judge's hands? Think not. Expect Lyoto to go for a knockout or a submission to prove he still belongs with the elite of mma.

I'm a fan of both and I know either guy has the power and the heart to reign victorious, but I believe Lyoto will take the win here. Anyone think Randy can pull this off?


  1. that's so cool that you found a cartoon pic and the guys wearing the same outfit!