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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is it.

MMA has always appealed to me in ways that no other sports have.  You have your drama, your heroes, your villains; these guys beat the shit out of each other and in the end can still shake hands and smile!  You can literally have some dude who specializes in leg locks taking on another guy who loves to kick.... Where the hell else are you going to find this?!

I was a late bloomer, tuning in during Tito Ortiz' reign as light heavyweight champion in the UFC and watching Pride clips here and there.  However, I really tuned in when Chuck Liddell's belt finally passed itself along to 3 other fighters and George St. Pierre has shown again how dominant he really is to the welterweight division. And then, Brock Lesnar happened.....and I REALLY tuned in.  One of the biggest assholes in WWF is now the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of UFC?  I might as well have been dwelling in a goddamn cave.

Anywho, the liver shot.  One of the most dangerous ways to strike your opponent.  I've always been a knockout fan, but the liver shot was something different, like a fresh breath of air (but not for the guy getting whooped of course).  Such an elegant and precise way to end a fight in painful and dramatic fashion and is such a sweet alternative to throwing an overhand right to the jaw or to swinging a shin bone straight to the temple. Watching Bas Rutten lay one on a guy is like having been there to witness Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa. And hence, the name of this blog!

Bas Rutten says:  Do not get hit in the liver.

Enjoy the blog! Tune in again for my overly-opinionated rants on the ever-changing affairs in the MMA world!

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