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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UFC 139 gets some epic legendary fights

As you all know, cung Le and Vitor Belfort were slated to co-headline the UFC 139 card in November 19th.

This was to be a replacement filler for San Jose's first UFC card since Cain vs JDS was moved to the FOX card, UFC's mainstream debut.

Cung Le has his biggest fan base in San Jose, which was a smart move for the UFC to sign him on just in time.

However, news broke today that Vitor was injured and cannot make the fight.

His replacement?


This card is stacked with legendary warriors including former Pride champions, WEC champions, Strikeforce champions, and UFC champions!

Rest of the card includes:

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson

Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles

Get ready for one stacked ass card on Nov. 19, and dont forget, Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson this Saturday!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If Condit is out...then who fights BJ Penn?

so let's start from the top.

UFC 137 has GSP vs Nick Diaz and co-mainers Carlos Condit vs BJ Penn.

Nick Diaz doesn't show to 2 press conferences, refuses to answer phone, hides from everybody.

Dana White removes him from the card, plans to fire him, and replaces him with Carlos Condit.

Event is now UFC 137: GSP vs Condit.

BJ Penn is left without an opponent, and time is running out fast.

Nick Diaz is now BJ Penn's opponent.

UFC 137: GSP vs Condit, with co-main event BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz.

confused yet? same here.

what. the. fuck!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nick Diaz out of fight with GSP at UFC 137; Carlos Condit as replacement

"I'm Nick Diaz, and this is me saying a big Fuck You to Dana White, GSP, the UFC, my own team Gracie, and the MMA fans all around the world."


Wtf was he thinking?

Nick Diaz fails to show for multiple appearances at press conferences in Toronto and Vegas, the UFC presidente had no reason to believe Nick would even show up to weigh-in's, or even the fight itself at UFC 137. 

"Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship, and Carlos Condit has it,” White stated. “Diaz is going to find out on the news that he’s not fighting Georges St-Pierre, maybe he’ll call me back then,” White stated. 
Wow.  are you kidding me? Is he still not awake from the sweet OG kush that he bought with the UFC money he's yet to earn?

“Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship, and Carlos Condit has it,” White stated.

I was really looking forward to the fight....but at least now we get to see GSP vs Condit, camp Greg Jackson teammates!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alistair Overeem

Wow, after much chaotic speculation following that travesty of an anticlimatic rematch with Werdum, being released out of the weaksauce Strikeforce Grand Prix, and being cut from Strikeforce and Zuffa altogether, the baddest heavyweight outside the octagon, Alistair Overeem, finally signs with the UFC and people everywhere are celebrating in tears as the internet is melting with newsfeeds.

Our boy here has 3 belts currently: the Strikeforce Heavyweight belt, the Dream Interim Heavyweight Belt, and the K-1 2010 World Grand Prix champion, and he's giving up all of that to be in an exclusive contract with the UFC.

Get ready from high profile match-ups with the heavyweight division, especially since Overeem's first opponent is none other than Brock Lesnar himself

I have returned!

Sorry everone about not updating in quite a looooooong time.

It wouldn't be in good character to say that I've been busy soI will try to do at least 2-3 updates a week from now on, especially with all the crazy shit going on!

during my unexpected absence, a lot of crap has definitely transpired, so let's take a look at that:

- chael sonnen is NOT talkin shit

are you kidding me? that biggest shittalker in the mixed martial arts world is NOT talking smack during his interviews and public appearances? not only is he quieting his brash asshole doucebag attitude, he's actually friendly and extremely peaceful....i guess when your opponent is Brian Stann who's a silver star recipient of the USMC, Chael better keep his republican mouth shut and pretend to be homies huh?

- rampage gets titleshot before rashad...
...even though rashad beat him to earn one...
,,,anyone see anything wrong with that picture?

Nope, me neither, fuck Rashad!
however, the picture above is a different story...

- marloes coenen released from strikeforce.

all because of her management, Golden Glory supposedly. She wasnt the only one either, Jon Olav Einemo and Valentijn Overeem were cut as well...but they both suck ass so they get no picture on this blog. 

- brittney palmer leaves ufc for art school.

this one was the worst part! but good for her, art is cool, especially when you rub it all over your naked tits.

- dennis hallman's speedo

I take it back, Brittney Palmer leaving wasn't the worst thing, Dennis Hallman's appearance at UFC 133 was the worst.  It was so bad, UFC pres Dana White gave a $70K bonus to Brian Ebersole for kicking Hallman's ass and getting those panties off the camera.

- jon fitch

this guy is so friggin boring, they still wont give him a titleshot after remaining undefeated. they wont even give him a rematch with BJ Penn because "we dont want it, and the fans dont want it..." according to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.  amen to that.  plus, jon fitch's pre and post serial rapist poses never help his cause either, just look above...

man, what is wrong in the mma world!!