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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chael Sonnen's problems

Wow, does Chael Sonnen have problems or what?

Just when things were starting to get a little better for Chael, he now pleads guilty on money laundering and can face 20 years in prison with a $500k fine.

Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? He really needs to get his shit together.

First, Chael falls out of a political race for unknown reasons at the time to focus on fighting.
Then, he talks all this disrespectful shit, and then he beats up Anderson Silva and we all begin to think that he can actually back up his shit talk. And then, he gets caught with steroids.
Then he gets suspended for a whole year but thanks to the incompetence of the powers that be behind his case, he gets to only pay a small fine and can fight within 6 months.
Now, he pleads guilty WTF is that?

Chael has got to get his life back together if he ever wants to step foot in the octagon again.
He's already got problems with CSAC, he's now in deep shit with the IRS, but Chael's biggest problem? He needs to stop getting submitted/passing out with his face in other guys' crotches:

Advice to Chael: stop getting triangled buddy! We're starting to think you like it!!

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