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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum set for June in Dallas!

Now this is going to be one sweet card! upcoming events in the fight world include UFC 130 which I doubt anyone still cares about now that both Edgar and Maynard are off, an Ultimate Fighter finale which lacks almost zero appeal save for the main event with Guida vs Pettis, Bellator 9 and 10 which I'm sure people don't even know exist! UFC 131 is just before this epic Strikeforce event, but even the prospect of an amazing stand-up war between JDS and Carwin wouldn't outshine the quarterfinal.

There is nothing left to do but about a month's time, we will witness quite possibly the best Strikeforce card yet, the second quarterfinal to finally determine the semi-final brackets.  I'm still with Overeem on this one; it's only a matter of time before he goes to the UFC and starts smashing his way through the heavyweight division.

Both Werdum and Overeem return to action after the former choked out legendary Fedor to hand him his first real loss in 10 years while the latter destroyed Todd Duffee, claimed the Dream heavyweight belt and won a K-1 championship all in the same month.

Josh Barnett also returns to action after going nearly a year without fighting.  He's taking on Brett Rogers, who was onced ranked until Fedor took his head off and Alistair Overeem gave him a humiliating beatdown.  Ring rust may be real, but I believe Barnett will win this fight via submission.  Him beating Kharitonov may be tough, but I still feel he's got it in him.  People forgot just how good Barnett was back in Pride with his 29-5 record.

Also, KJ Noons returns on this card, and don't forget someone else returning to this card:


Monday, May 16, 2011

Lyoto's Karate Kid Kick, UFC injuries, and Brock's replacement

Now that is one BADASS kick.  Right after Anderson Silva pulls a similarly awesome kick to the face of Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, Lyoto Machida replicates nearly the same devastating front kick and along with it takes away the spotlight, knockout of the night, Randy's career and front tooth.

Vitor Belfort would have you believe that Anderson was lucky to have landed that one in a million kick, but not soon after Lyoto was able to pull off the same kind of finish.  How is that possible you say? STEVEN SEAGAL, that's how.

Now time for the injuries...

The poster below shows what UFC 130 would have looked like had both Frankie Edgar AND Gray Maynard not received injuries at the same time!

The new revised UFC 130 poster now shows this:

The bad news? Rampage vs Hamill is now the main event.  The good news? Thiago Alves vs Rick Story has been bumped up to the main card.

Our next injury is none other than the new UFC lightheavyweight champ himself, Jon Jones.
After claiming the belt and then going through MTV Real World-style drama with Rashad Evans, the two were supposed to fight but Jones had to pull out due to a serious hand injury.

Brock's diverticulitis has resurfaced and it looks like the former champ is going to out of action for awhile, which means the return of Shane Carwin to fill in for him at UFC 131, which also means the return of Brock's uber beard.

UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin!!!

When it was against Brock, I had my bet on JDS for sure.  Now that it's Carwin, who knows how the fight is going to end up; both of these guys sure know how to finish! I would give the raw power and take down technique to Carwin, but the cardio and boxing technique to JDS.  My money still goes to JDS (via KO), but this has become more interesting to me than the original JDS vs Brock.