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Monday, February 14, 2011

Strikeforce 31: Results from the Quarter-final of Strikeforce's Heavyweight Grand Prix

(awesome photo from Esther Lin, taken from Neal Taflinger's post on FIGHT! magazine news)

Fedor falls from grace.  Wow...just a year ago, this guy was considered not only the no.1 best fighter in the world over Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre in the pound-for-pound rankings, he was actually considered to be INVINCIBLE.  Now he's got decisive back-to-back losses via submission and TKO.  Who'd have thought Bigfoot Silva would have won? I sure as hell didn't.  I still think Bigfoot Silva is an average fighter, even after his destruction of the Last Emperor.

Check out Fedor's smashed pizza-looking face by the end of the referee stoppage:

Man, I am now so disappointed that the chances of a Fedor vs Overeem match-up is highly unlikely.  A part of me still hurts that we can never see anyone from the UFC fight Fedor either, I still thought he would have hung high when facing off against the likes of Cain, Brock, or JDS.  But now those chances are completely dead as Fedor, the once-immortal warrior has now lost back to back with his stock dropping fast.

I hope Bigfoot gets smashed quickly by Overeem in the semi-final.

On another note, one Russian was able to pull through, and in flying colors at that:

(awesome photo from Esther Lin, taken from Neal Taflinger's post on FIGHT! magazine news)

Kharitonov, the man I originally had pegged to win in my last blog entry on the Strikeforce grand prix, did so in devastating fashion as he put Arlovski's lights out in a round one vicious KO.  I did not give Arlovski too much credit to win given his history and suspect chin, but last night saddened me to see the Belarusian knocked out so cold.  You can see the stars in the Pitbull's eyes as the referee lunged in to save his dear life!

Sadly now, the tournament bracket should look like this:

It is a sad day for MMA.  Well, unless you are a Bigfoot Silva fan.  But thena gain, if you're a Bigfoot Silva fan, you're living a sad existence anyway.

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