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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wandy is back!

and he's taking on Chris Leben.  FINALLY.

This match was supposed to happen way back but instead we got:

1. Wanderlei vs Akiyama
2. Wanderlei gets hurt, pulls out of the fight.
3. Leben fights Akiyama, wins.
4. Wanderlei vs Leben.
5. Wanderlei gets surgergy, pulls out of the fight.
6. Leben fights Stann instead, loses via KO.
7. Stann vs Wanderlei.
8. Wanderlei doesn't want to fight him, says Stann is an "American hero" and fans would see Wanderlei as the bad guy.
9. Wanderlei lobbies for Vitor Belfort instead.
10. Dana White sets up fight with Vitor, Wanderlei refuses, wants fight with Leben.
11. Dana White gets annoyed, says Wanderlei never ducks anyone but is now getting complicated.
12. UFC sets up Wanderlei vs Leben.

Moral is, Wanderlei gets what he wants.  You dont say NO to the axe murderer, he says no to YOU.

Now, we already know how this fight will turn out: these two guys are known to slug it out.  This will be an all-out stand-up war, and it will end via KO/TKO.  No decisions here ladies and gents, expect some awesome brawling!

I give the slight nod to Wanderlei due to his fearsome strength and muay thai (and yet to be seen BJJ black belt skills).  Leben may or may not have the slightly better ground game here and equal power in his hands, but seeing him get tagged by Brian Stann is where I give Wanderlei the slight nod.  Expect a KO and the fans going wild for the Axe Murderer

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