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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jon Jones the new champ, GSP vs Shields, and Thiago Silva's test results

Wow, has it really been more than 2 weeks since my last post?
Looks like i'm going to have to play catch up here!

Jon Jones, the new UFC lightheavyweight champion
 First things first, my predictions were WAY off on the Shogun v Bones fight and I've lost all my bets...SHIETT

Shogun had no answers that fight and did not even threaten with any of his leglock attempts.  Jones was too big, too strong, and too fresh.  He toppled the division titleholder and now no one thinks he has anyone left to fight seeing as how Rashad, Rampage, and Forrest Griffin would all most likely be demolished.  Lyoto would stand a chance with his unorthodox striking and elusivity, but Shogun smashed him up and its hard to see that Jones wouldn't do the same or worse.

So it's only fair that fans all across the universe are calling out for Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva.  How sweet would that be? The pound-for-pound king vs the upcoming soon to be pound-for-pound fight...We all know Anderson Silva weighs around 220-230 walking and has dominated via KO in his two matches at light heavyweight, so weight cutting would not be a problem and there would no need for a catchweight fight.  But for now, Jones is busy with fighting his "friend" Rashad (some pussy shit going on there, but that's for another blog post...) and Anderson is still waiting around for the decision to be made as to whether he fights Okami or GSP, which brings me to the next post!

GSP vs Jake Shields

 Okay, so....everyone is saying Jake Shields is deserving of this titleshot.... because of what? His controversial, debatable split decision over Martin Kampmann in which people booed and everyone agreed that he got his ass beat?  Yeah fuckin right, son!  People are also saying he's GSP most dangerous opponent yet, hell even GSP says that, but we know he's just trying to be a gentleman. How the hell is Jake Shields his most dangerous opponent? Because he can eat punches and knees to the face?

His chin is tested, but is he really going to stand and bang with GSP for five rounds? Yeah right.  He is going to try and take GSP down? Of course he'll try, and fail.  How is he going to take GSP dont GET TO TAKE GSP down, everyone in the world knows that.  In fact, you dont get to do anything except get raped.  GSP is a machine, an athletic specimen, and one of the pound for pound greats because he can dictact the pace, dictate the direction, and most of the times dictact the outcome with his athletic prowess and crafty all-around mma game.

Now, whats even crazier is that a lot of people think Shields will submit GSP.  Not try to submit, not "might" submit him, WILL submit GSP.  uhh okay. that seems very unlikely.  He's not going to armbar GSP from the bottom because he will get slammed.  He cant rear naked him because he cant take GSP's back.  His triangles will be outpowered.  Shields might have small chances with kimuras, leglocks, or even a guillotine if gsp does one of his explosive takedowns, but I highly doubt shields will succeed in any of this or win any round on the judges score cards.

Of course, my betting/predicting streaks have gone to shit lately and everyone ive been picking has gone to shit.  Either im still too attached to my mma heroes of the olden days, or these things just happen because anything happens in mma at any given time. So, if anyone wants to take a bet on jake shields with me, you are completely welcome!

Thiago Silva's drug results come back dirty

My last post told us brandon vera has been reinstated with the UFC.  Last week, we found out that Thiago's second drug test failed and that he has indeed been caught with illegal substances.  Thiago Silva has since publicly apologized:

"This was a terrible decision on my part for which I will be punished. I am prepared to accept this punishment, learn from it and move on. I apologize to the Commission, the UFC, Brandon Vera and the MMA fans."

This is sad news for the mma world and for Thiago Silva as he was a great fighter.  He went 13-0 in his first 13 pro fights with 11 knockouts and now all of this is tainted because there is potential he was doping since.  What's even worse is that when his test was first called out by Kizer of the NSAC, Thiago Silva denied anything is wrong with his urine sample because he "didn't take anything".  Which means, if he didn't get caught, he would have gladly taken the win AND let Brandon Vera get cut by the UFC after breaking the man's nose and ridiculing and humiliating Vera by playing drums with his back during which Thiago dominated the fight on the ground with his superhuman strength due to the drugs.

We have yet to hear about Thiago Silva but a suspension/fine is probably looming in the distance.

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